I have 4 sisters who are all married or in relationships and also have children. 21 of us altogether, not including Mummy and Daddy.

You can imagine what a nightmare it can be sometimes trying to all find individual presents without having some double ups?

We try to get everyone together once a year, doesn't even need to be a special occasion. Although this year was Mummy & Daddy's 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

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What an accomplishment!!

We all cook a couple of dishes and bring them to the house, bouncy castle or obstacle course and 5 hours later we are still laughing and really enjoying each others company. There is nothing on this earth that makes me happier.

Oh sorry I went on a bit of a tangent there, back to present buying ... Mummy & Daddy didn't want any presents, they just wanted us all togehter, but you know yourself we never listen when someone says this. We love presents, giving and receiving.

So yeah we wanted to do something very special, something from the 11 grandbabies but what?

 Yes I am a Photographer but I didn't want to put everyone under pressure about finding a time and date for a photoshoot. I wanted something that involved the Grandbabies.

Then it clicked, I painted some letters on A4 pages and allocated each nephew or neice a letter. Oldest and youngest had a heart. Each sister took a photograph on their phones and sent them to me on whatsapp. I put them together in a collage and added a photo of Mum & Dad on their wedding day to make it ascetically pleasing to the eye.

We were all so chuffed to bits with how it turned out. Especially Mummy & Daddy. All their wee grandbabies in the one photo but totally individual.  

A simple no fuss present that would bring a smile to every single Grandparent.

Why not try it yourself?

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