Are you missing?

Are you missing?

I recently shared a blog on the subject of parents not wishing to have their photo taken it really hit a nerve with me and decided to write my own. For as long as I remember I have always loved looking at photographs. I remember from a very young age getting my Mums photo albums out and looking through them over and over again. Asking questions about who was in them and where was it taken.   It passed many an hour.

Now many years later and I'm a photographer.  I have the absolute pleasure of being asked to capture special moments in families lives. Be it birthdays, family portraits, special occasions and not forgetting weddings. Now with weddings I don't usually hear it what I'm about to chat about but on the other occasions I have come across it quite a few times. 

Parents not wanting their photograph taken!!!!!

As much as is possible I encourage parents (I can be very persuasive) to jump in for a few shots at the end of the session. I can tell you that not once has it been regretted. They love have shots of the fun moments of the shoot captured and always choose them as part of their package. It's so very important to be able to look back at photographs and smile at the memory it evokes. And what about the children? They might not remember the shoot but have a photograph to cherish once we are long gone. 

Now I know I'm so very lucky nay blessed to still have both my parents with me. Does this stop me looking at photos of them? No way!!!! A few years ago I bought a scanner and went to my Parents house and scanned all their photographs. i am so glad I did, because now I can look at them whenever I want. Absolute pleasure to do.  

I have included a couple of my favourite oldies Of my parents with me  The Chubbster.

Yellowed Sellotape and all. As I said before I cannot get enough of photographs. They are so very precious. 

So the next time you are about to utter an excuse, be it "I've no make up on" or "nah I'm alright over here" or " no thanks I'm shy" whatever, just remember your children won't care  or even notice  in years to come if you had your hair professionally done or if you are still in your work clothes. All they will see is their wonderful loving Parents.

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." Dorothea Lange

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